not so typical

tonight was not how I spend my night, usually. well let me explain a little. my husband is a bow hunter. He eats sleeps and breathes hunting. Many nights I’m awaken by his sleep rambling about a big bull he is trying to shoot.

anyway since we have been married he has been teaching me how to shoot a bow, I must admit I’m alright for a beginner.

unlike most nights where we cook dinner, do dishes and play with taj tonight we went to shoot our bows. and Jeff, mr traditional bow hunter expert, joined us. at the bow shop there is this big projector and you put these crazy tips on the end of your arrow- and it registers where you hit the animal being projected on the screen. Jeff kicked our butts.

I love doing things together that I know my husband loves. sharing our passions is bringing us closer, well and learning to be parents đŸ˜‰

old picture of me with my bow- shooting kinda makes me feel like a bad ass !



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