first DIY jewelry


My little sister is not impressed with my attempts at jewelry. I’ve been experimenting with polymer clay. It is so much harder than I expected.

Yes there is lots of room to improve!

I started with a large glob of purple clay which I worked until it was soft enough to mold. A slight ombré was created by mixing white in gradually.

Once I finished rolling the beads, I poked holes then baked them at 275. Honestly I am not really sure how long I just checked them every so often until they were no longer sticky.

Out of the oven and onto the craft table to cool.  Quick coat of clear nail polish to make them shiny, they look more like plastic then clay. Last step is to thread on to a chain or string.

Pretty simple for a first project. Just lots of waiting around.

Next time I will remember to take pictures throughout the process, might be easier  to understand !


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