Somedays I can’t help but have a total pity party for myself. Why shouldn’t I? Ok yes , I have been blessed with the most adorable, best natured little hooligan. And yes, I do love him with everything I’ve got.

I start to feel sorry for myself when I compare my accomplishments of the day with those around me. It’s a terrible thing to do, once you get started there’s no stopping.

Everyone around me, has a job or school or both. They are working on chasing their big dreams. They are going places. They are making it happen. My accomplishments include keeping baby taj happy, clean, and feed. Granted those aren’t easy tasks, I want something more. I don’t want to be just a mum.

Until I figure out a dream to pursue I’m just taj’s mum and Dallas’s wife. A supporting role.

It’s kinda a bummer day and its only just begun.


One comment

  1. Looking after a little one is a hard, hard job. Definitely not just a supporting role!

    Those other people are working, probably sat at desks watching the days tick off until the weekends. Probably wishing they could stop and appreciate life.

    Taj is only small once. Relish every moment of it. My two grew up *so* fast!

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