No heat curls

As a new mum I don’t have the time or desire to spend hours getting all cute for the day. I get covered in baby puke most days so what’s the point.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to look awesome without the effort.

My little sister emily and I have been searching for easy hair solutions. Last night we attempted overnight curls. Best part is if you are trying to grow your hair like me, it uses no heat so its not damaging.


Shine serum, soft curlers, and a wide tooth comb. Oh plus washed hair, ours was damp, but I’ve seen YouTube videos where they use dry hair.


Wrap you damp hair around the curler and bend into place. We found the best method was to twist the hair before wrapping.


I had ten sections and em had eight and we both have a lot of hair, so these deceivingly small rollers can handle big chunks of hair.

Also I covered mine with a scarf to sleep, the couple of videos I watched didn’t suggest this, but it kept them out of my face while I was hanging out with my fam last night


I am pretty happy with the finished product! It took maybe ten minutes to roll and 1 minute to unroll in the morning. Next time I wouldn’t roll them so far up my hair.

I will for sure be trying this a couple times !


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