freaking hard day

Today has been tough. Really tough. It took ages to even get myself to get out of bed.

Taj didn’t even wake up sad or fussy. Dallas has a hunting trip. Five days long. Granted I’ve known for a while, I thought my subtle “I don’t want you to go” would be enough false. False. Five days alone. Just me and taj. Love my baby boy but days alone last a long long time.


So I got dressed all classy to go out to lunch and then hang out in Provo for a little. It didn’t really solve the situation or how I was feeling, but it was a great distraction.

Mum says getting dressed helps you feel better when you are feeling down. It didn’t really. But I felt I looked cute so me and taj took pictures of ourselves.

Ps he is “crawling” fast. It’s more like inching along, but he can get where he wants and a lot faster than last week! Scary!


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