So last weekend, I was HATING on hunting. I don’t really like it that much more this weekend, but I am grateful I was apart of the memory making.


Thursday night we drove through a blizzard. This snow storm turned a four hour drive into a nine hour drive. Taj was perfect he slept almost the whole time.

After arriving at 3am, we got up at 6am. Yes, I am aware it was only three hours of sleep. That’s not even the craziest part. We lost sleep, almost died in a blizzard why you ask? Well to go chase mountain lions of course. All day we were following tracks and the hounds.

Taj got to hang out with Dylan’s family. Of course he was all cute and giggly.


It was a long day of hiking. The dogs got a lion treed but we didn’t get there fast enough.


Adventures and memories are what i love and what I feel helps us bond as a family. Not getting a lion may make the trip seem unsuccessful, but after last weekend this is what we needed.

Currently driving home, can’t wait to sleep in my own bed!



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