back on the bandwagon


It’s time to get serious, summer will be here sooner than I know it. And to be perfectly honestly I want to look awesome. Last summer I was rocking the baby bump. This year I have no excuses!

Today I did a 15 min warm up. A walk with an incline! Nothing to hard I wanted my heart rate to be around 129 the whole time. From what I’ve read that’s the optimal fat burning heart rate for me!

Then I did arms. Every weighted arm exercise I did I completed 2 repetitions of 12.

To finish I ran a half mile.


Taj came with me and didn’t fuss once!

Tonight I had math, got my test back. Not gonna lie I was nervous. I always feel I do well then get my tests back and realize I made dumb mistakes. Not this time!


It’s my blog so I’m allowed to brag! Nailed it 🙂 I needed a confidence boost !


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