I have this obsession with taking pictures of the setting sun. Most people find them beautiful, but there is something about sunsets I connect with. Maybe it’s the inbetweenness of them. Not quite day nor night. Or the consistency, which my life lacks.

Tonight this was my view while we watched the deer. Simply breath taking. Taj was snoring in his car seat, Dal was filming deer, and I was watching the day turn to night and reflecting on my day.


Baby taj is so mobile. Climbing and crawling. It blows my mind. My tiny helpless baby is growing and exploring the world around him. He is six months.
Time has flown by.

Honestly, my favorite thing is watching dallas and taj interact. Seeing such pure unconditional love it melts my heart.

Worked out tonight ! My boys, taj and dallas, came with me. Walked 10 mins speed four incline five. All legs today. My arms are a little sore from yesterday, but the good kinda of sore. Sprinted 2 mins at 8mph to finish then stretch.

Now I’m sitting waiting in bed, while dal skins his mountain lion. It’s night two of doing so. Yuck 👎. Last night they spent five hours doing so. Not impressed that may have resulted in a fight. We are human and disagree sometimes. We are still learning.

I’m learning that no matter what he loves me. Even when my reasons for being frustrated are silly. For that I’m grateful.


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