life is hectic

Another week has come and gone. The busy you are the quick time goes. There’s never enough time in a day.

Taj has a tooth, well almost! It’s just poking through. So it’s safe to say this week has been rough.


He’s in pain, and I wish I could help more. It’s a time of trial for me as well , learning patience.


Gripe water helps him feel a little better, and baby Tylenol when he is really really sore. Poor baby.


I took my hunter safety exam, all day Saturday. All day without my boys šŸ˜¦ it was awful, but I can now hunt with dal! It will be fun not to be just camera woman .


School is going alright, I’ve reached the point where it’s now not academically challenging but hard to attend class and do work. Not sure why, but its blah!


This boy is getting cuter by the minute , ladies watch out.

Ps heatless curls are getting better, well I’ve figured out how to do them better



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