How do you measure success. Tonight I’ve been bummed out because I feel like a failure in many facets of my life. This blows Dallas’s mind apparently he thinks I’m perfect. I guess he is supposed to say that, right.

Brownie points to dal for being a great husband.

I grew up in a home where cleanliness was key. I measure being a good wife partially by keeping a clean home. This is such a struggle for me. When taj naps, I have such little time I’d rather use it for other things. Like exercising and doing homework. And honestly sometimes just being lazy and watching an hour of TV to relax.

Taj is teething and has a little diaper rash. Ok not that be of a deal, but because of the mood I’m in that has resulted in failure like feelings.

All this negativeness was brought up because of a run in with an unpleasant person in our past. Living in a small town it’s bound to happen.

My house is quiet and everyone’s asleep. I just needed a place to vent. I talked dals ear off with my crazy over thinking.



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