apparently if I wear my damp hair to bed, like this :


I should awake with beautiful, beach waves. Or so Pinterest told me.

And yes, I do wear robes. At my home growing up they were an essential part of everyones evening attire.

Also it’s a weird angled photo because you can see the bald spots on my head, from above, and that depresses me. So deal with the strange arty angle ! I’ll post a picture of the results, good or bad, in the morning.


Tuesday !

Well so far I’ve stuck to my fitness goals for the week. Granted it is only Tuesday. I also added a new one; I plan on practicing a yoga pose each day.
Yoga is a pain, the poses look hard, but simple enough. It is discouraging that I can’t do them straight away. I guess it’s a lesson in patience.

Taj and I left the house today! We adventured to park city. Taj isn’t a huge shopper but he loved the rides 20130813-154005.jpg

Each day I’m attempting to be a little more productive with things around the house. That is helping me to be happier. Sitting around makes me feel rather depressed. With no car and no friends in town I thought I was stuck with an unhappy daily life only to be entertained by the television.
Taj is a handful and has been providing me with hours of entertainment. We’ve been a lot happier! That’s the goal in life right? Learning to be happy no matter what. I think I’m slowly figuring out what I need to be happy each day !


I need to find a focus, I would like to make this a fitness blog. But I really don’t have any crazy work out wisdom to share. Each day I just kinda do whatever.

I did make fitness goals this week.
Run six miles. Total not all at once.
And lift five times this week.

So far I’ve run two!

it’s been a while !

Summer is coming to an end, Taj has turned one and time just keeps flying by. This summer, we attempted summer sales. It ended up not being a great fit for our family, but it provided all sorts of adventures and new friends.

We lived in Colorado and California! Taj learnt to walk at the beginning of summer.

I took taj to Disneyland, honestly he didnt really get it. But he had a blast!


We went on all the little kids rides. And even met Mickey !


Taj doesn’t look impressed with the life size mouse.

Every Sunday in California we went to the beach, that was heaven. One of the biggest things I miss.


Now we are home and settling back into real life. I’m trying really hard to come up with an awesome fitness plan that I can be consistent with.


I’m attempting to become a “yogi” 😉 I think it’s so cool looking, but it is so damn difficult. It took me a week to even just barely balance on my head.

This week I start a part time job, as a personal assistant. Fingers crossed it goes well.

I’m going to TRY and keep a better record of taj and his growing up adventures !



How do you measure success. Tonight I’ve been bummed out because I feel like a failure in many facets of my life. This blows Dallas’s mind apparently he thinks I’m perfect. I guess he is supposed to say that, right.

Brownie points to dal for being a great husband.

I grew up in a home where cleanliness was key. I measure being a good wife partially by keeping a clean home. This is such a struggle for me. When taj naps, I have such little time I’d rather use it for other things. Like exercising and doing homework. And honestly sometimes just being lazy and watching an hour of TV to relax.

Taj is teething and has a little diaper rash. Ok not that be of a deal, but because of the mood I’m in that has resulted in failure like feelings.

All this negativeness was brought up because of a run in with an unpleasant person in our past. Living in a small town it’s bound to happen.

My house is quiet and everyone’s asleep. I just needed a place to vent. I talked dals ear off with my crazy over thinking.

life is hectic

Another week has come and gone. The busy you are the quick time goes. There’s never enough time in a day.

Taj has a tooth, well almost! It’s just poking through. So it’s safe to say this week has been rough.


He’s in pain, and I wish I could help more. It’s a time of trial for me as well , learning patience.


Gripe water helps him feel a little better, and baby Tylenol when he is really really sore. Poor baby.


I took my hunter safety exam, all day Saturday. All day without my boys 😦 it was awful, but I can now hunt with dal! It will be fun not to be just camera woman .


School is going alright, I’ve reached the point where it’s now not academically challenging but hard to attend class and do work. Not sure why, but its blah!


This boy is getting cuter by the minute , ladies watch out.

Ps heatless curls are getting better, well I’ve figured out how to do them better