Tuesday !

Well so far I’ve stuck to my fitness goals for the week. Granted it is only Tuesday. I also added a new one; I plan on practicing a yoga pose each day.
Yoga is a pain, the poses look hard, but simple enough. It is discouraging that I can’t do them straight away. I guess it’s a lesson in patience.

Taj and I left the house today! We adventured to park city. Taj isn’t a huge shopper but he loved the rides 20130813-154005.jpg

Each day I’m attempting to be a little more productive with things around the house. That is helping me to be happier. Sitting around makes me feel rather depressed. With no car and no friends in town I thought I was stuck with an unhappy daily life only to be entertained by the television.
Taj is a handful and has been providing me with hours of entertainment. We’ve been a lot happier! That’s the goal in life right? Learning to be happy no matter what. I think I’m slowly figuring out what I need to be happy each day !



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